Nutrition Corner

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August 2017 Menu


Dining Options

Our caterer, Blackstone Health, has added new options to our daily nutrition program:

You now have 3 options to choose from for lunch:

 1. Main Entrée  2. Sandwich  3. Salad Bar

Salad for the Month of AUGUST:  Chef Salad, LS Ham-Tomato, Hard Boiled Egg, Cucumber-Lettuce, Light Ranch Dressing

Fresh Salad option includes soup of the day, bread and dessert.
$3.00 Suggested Donation for all Luncheon Options

Thank you to our nutrition participants for your cooperation following our agency’s meal reservation policy.  As many of you know, this reservation policy has been in place for many years and it is important that it be followed by everyone attending our nutrition site.  Meal and transportation reservations must be made one week in advance.  Please remember to cancel if you are unable to keep your reservation.  Also, nutrition site participants must make their own meal reservation.  The requested donation for all meal site luncheons, including special luncheons, holiday luncheons, etc. is $3.00 per person.
Nutrition Site Notice: Luncheon Reservations

Please note: The suggested donation for a meal at our Nutrition Site is $3.00. Terri DiFruscio, will be happy to reserve a place for you at lunch. Meal reservations may be made by calling 231-0742 between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm.

1. Reservations for lunch for the following week need to be made by 1:00pm on Wednesdays. You may reserve a meal for up to two days in advance except Holiday/Celebration meals.
2. You may also call on a specific day. Your name will be placed on a wait list. If there are any cancellations, we will be happy to accept your reservation.
3. Reservations may be made up to two weeks in advance.