Memorial Opportunity Campaign

There are a number of ways you can help:

The Salvatore Mancini Resource & Activity Center, Inc. offers a variety of Memorial Opportunities for participants and their family members at our state-of-the-art Senior Center. If you are interested in leaving YOUR mark on the Center, kindly contact our agency at 231-0742.

Commemorative benches and tree leafs are available to be inscribed with your name or brief inscription. Following are commemorative opportunities still available to be displayed at the Center: 

Tree of Life Granite Leaf  w/inscription – $1,000.00 Donation

Solid Teak Wooden Bench  w/ gold inscription – $2,000.00 Donation (Benches to be located in the Memorial Garden and throughout the Center)

Yes, I would like to make a tax deductible donation to SMRAC. Enclosed is my check for: 

___ $25     ___ $50     ___$75   ___ $100    ___ Other: 

Donation in memory of:______________________ 


Please mark the appropriate amount and make check payable to SMRAC. 

Name: _____________________ 


A Tax receipt will be mail to you. Thank you for your support!


SMRAC Tribute and Memorial Fund
Donation Form

Thank you for becoming a member of the “SMRAC Tribute and Memorial Fund” Program.  

As a member of the “SMRAC Tribute & Memorial Fund” you will have your name displayed on a permanent plaque to be located at the Senior Center’s entry. You will also receive a lifetime subscription to our monthly newsletter, “The Mancini Monitor”, and recognition in our annual special edition. At our Annual Anniversary Luncheon, there will be a special segment in which we introduce “SMRAC Tribute & Memorial Fund” members who are in attendance. As this fund grows, we will be adding new ways for your membership to be acknowledged.  

The key benefit of a “SMRAC Tribute & Memorial Fund” membership is the simple yet profound knowledge that your commitment and generosity are helping people enjoy more independent, more engaged and more valued lives by participating at the Senior Center.  

The “SMRAC Tribute & Memorial Fund” allows gift giving opportunities in honor of, in memory of, or in appreciation for someone special. This is a wonderful gift for Senior Center visitors and members; our community; and for people who want to leave a lasting, positive statement of their commitment to the importance of the Senior Center in our future.  

Thank you for considering membership to the “SMRAC Tribute & Memorial Fund”. If you are interested in membership to this program, or require additional information, kindly contact Karen Testa Leone, Executive Director, directly. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you personally.  

Bequest by Will  

Including a charitable bequest to the “SMRAC Tribute & Memorial Fund” in your will is a simple way to make a lasting gift to your community. When you make this gift, you are making a choice that benefits the community forever and becomes your personal legacy of giving.  

How it works:

  • You include the “SMRAC Tribute & Memorial Fund” in your will as a bequest.   
  • You will be recognized as a “SMRAC Tribute & Memorial Fund” member (if you prefer, you may remain anonymous). 
  • Your charitable gift to “SMRAC Tribute & Memorial Fund” is excluded from your assets for estate tax purposes. 
  • Your gift will be placed into an endowment that is invested over time. Your gift, and all future earnings from your gift, is a permanent source of capital for the Senior Center. 

More benefits:  

Making a bequest to “SMRAC Tribute & Memorial Fund” is an easy way to transfer assets to this important charity; and, you can decide to do it at any age by adding to an existing will or drafting a new one. In doing so, you leave a legacy to your community, while enjoying the assets you need to maintain your current lifestyle. Plus, you are able to distribute some or all of your assets, tax free.  

 You can leave a gift of cash, real estate, appreciated stocks, life insurance, or other assets. Some of the most tax-efficient asset types to give to “SMRAC Tribute & Memorial Fund” through your will come from retirement plan accounts, since heirs would be taxed on the income in respect of the decedent. You can choose to give a stated dollar amount, a specific property, a percentage of your estate, (the remainder after distributions to other beneficiaries), or you can make your gift contingent on certain events.    

For further information and gift giving options, kindly contact

Karen Testa Leone, Executive Director.