1. Candidates for office are invited to visit the Salvatore Mancini Resource & Activity Center one time prior to each election: providing the visit time has been scheduled with the Center’s Program Coordinator, and approved by the Executive Director.

2. Candidates will be announced to center participants prior to the visit via a poster provided by the candidate to the Executive Director at least 1 week prior to visit. This will give the center participant the opportunity to make a choice as to whether or not they wish to be in attendance for the visit. Poster will include candidate’s name, office they are seeking and date and time of their visit.

3. No written or printed materials are allowed to be distributed at the Center by prospective candidates and are not allowed to be printed or distributed in agency’s monthly newsletter.

4. Candidates are allowed to make available to center participants entertainment, refreshments and soft drinks.

5. Only Elected officials are invited to speak to address participants at the Center. Only current elected officials are allowed to address participants as a group. Candidates are allowed to meet and greet participants one on one.

This policy has been developed by the Salvatore Mancini Resource & Activity Center, Inc. Board of Directors and shall become effective immediately.


Instituted: October 30, 1992
Revision: August, 2002
Revision: July 8, 2004
Revision: June 30, 2010


Download an official copy of our Political Policy here.

For additional questions please contact our staff via email at info@smrac.com or via phone at (401)231-0742.