1976-2011 - Celebrating 35 years of Services & Programs to the Elders of the Community
1976-2015 – Celebrating 39 years of Services & Programs to the Elders of the Community

The Mission of the Salvatore Mancini Resource & Activity Center is to provide programs and services to Enhance, Enrich, & Educate the elders of our community; and to act as a community resource to elders and their families.


Dear Friends,


             May is “Older Americans Month” and it is a tradition that shows our commitment to honoring the value seniors contribute to our community. This year’s theme is, “Get Into the Act”! Join us for one of the many activities, presentations and celebrations we have planned in honor of “Older Americans Month”.          

We will honor all Mothers, Grandmothers, Adoptive Mothers and Godmothers at our Annual Mother’s Day celebration on Friday, May 8th. Please be sure to make your luncheon reservation for this celebration. All Mothers will receive a gift compliments of Mayor Lombardi.

“National Senior Health and Fitness Day” is Thursday, May 28th and this year’s theme is “If You Keep Moving…You’ll Keep Improving”. NBC10 Health Check reporter, Barbara Morse Silva, will participate in our Pilates Stretch and Tone class at 9:15 AM to help us recognize the importance of fitness in our lives.

For many of us, Memorial Day has come to signify the beginning of Summer and we often overlook the holiday’s true meaning. Although the challenges have changed, the men and women of our armed forces, both past and present, remain devoted to their duty and to our country. As a sign of our appreciation, we are sponsoring our “Annual Memorial Day” celebration on Wednesday, May 20th.   See page 11 for details and join us as we show our gratitude for the sacrifices made by many to ensure our freedom!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Warmest personal regards,


Karen Testa Leone

Executive Director