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1976-2011 - Celebrating 35 years of Services & Programs to the Elders of the Community
1976-2017 – Celebrating 41 years of Services & Programs to the Elders of the Community

The Mission of the Salvatore Mancini Resource & Activity Center is to provide programs and services to Enhance, Enrich, & Educate the elders of our community; and to act as a community resource to elders and their families.



TO:                 NEWS MEDIA

FROM:           SMRAC Board of Directors


DATE:             June 9, 2017


The Salvatore Mancini Resource & Activity Center, Inc. (SMRAC)  is a proud institution serving the senior residents of our community in a successful manner for the last 42 years.  With our state-of-the-art location on Smith Street, we have provided many activities and resources to our seniors.  The SMRAC continues to update and provide a variety of services to our senior population at a time in their lives when they require those services the most.  Our seniors have contributed to the lives of their families, friends and our community.   This is the very least we can do for them.

Over the past two years the Board of Directors and the Town of North Providence have been embroiled in a debate over the SMRAC’s finances with members of the town administration making statements discrediting the leadership and staff.  Frequently and continually they make false allegations concerning operations and management at the SMRAC.  

Let’s set the record straight:

    • The SMRAC has successfully operated as a 501c3 non-profit organization since 1975.
    • The SMRAC has adhered to the laws, IRS regulations and stringent rules that govern the operation of a 501c3 organization.


  • A certified annual audit is submitted to the Town upon its’ completion.  Until two years ago, our certified annual audit has been conducted by the SAME auditing firm conducting the Town’s audit.   


Our annual audits have been unblemished and the staff and leadership take great pride in providing top notch services while working within our budget.  However, our annual audits are no longer sufficient to the Administration.


  • Contrary to what has been reported in the media, the SMRAC’s Board of Directors has continually answered ALL questions submitted to them by the current Administration and the Town Council.  VOLUMES of information have been submitted continually over the past two years.


  • The Board of Directors has been harassed over and above the normal line of questioning of any grantee agency of the Town.

All accusations that have been alleged have been UNFOUNDED and proved to be baseless with no findings of any illegal or immoral wrongdoing – just political accusations to gain control.  

For the past two and a half years, the Administration has continually placed political scrutiny ahead of prudence in resolving any outstanding grievances.  These issues are between the management of the SMRAC and the very town officials who are impeding on our day- to -day operations.  

The Town has issued the Board of Directors an ultimatum, that the Board votes to allow the Town to take over the Senior Center as a department of the town effective July 1, 2017 or the SMRAC will lose all future funding that is granted by the Town.   It is unfortunate that our precious seniors will suffer at the hands of a few, and very well may lose the services that they require and enjoy.

At a meeting last week the Board of Directors voted unanimously to decline the ultimatum presented to them to become a town department effective July 1, 2017.  The Board voted to remain independent, remain committed to our senior population and continue the mission to serve seniors with programs and services to enhance, enrich and educate their lives.  

There are so many other issues of great importance happening in our Town that require the attention of our leaders yet go unchecked.  The SMRAC should not pay the price.

The Town has defaulted on paying the SMRAC our remaining approved appropriations for May and June, just as they did in July and August, 2016.  They will once again force us to return to Superior Court to seek relief of these funds that are being held illegally and without justification.  This will result in additional legal fees, as it did in August, 2016.

SMRAC has not been notified in writing of any proposed agreement from the Town of North Providence to continue the partnership we have successfully shared with EVERY ADMINISTRATION over the past 42 years.

The SMRAC is a nationally recognized organization and the board of directors is currently reviewing our programs, services and personnel to see how this sudden loss of expected funding will affect our organization.  

The SMRAC is committed to serve our senior population with the respect and dignity they deserve!


Salvatore Mancini Resource & Activity Center “State of Seniors” Luncheon on April 29th.


Thank you Governor Raimondo for visiting our Senior Center on April 29th.



The Salvatore Mancini Resource & Activity Center, Inc. is seeking interested persons who are willing to serve in a governance capacity as a member of our Board of Directors.

Board members’ primary duties are to uphold the mission, goals and objectives of the organization, as well as, assume responsibility of the fiduciary oversight and governance of our organization.  Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings in person on the second Tuesday of each month.

Interested person should send a resume and a short cover letter to:

Salvatore Mancini Resource & Activity Center, Inc.

Board of Directors

Two  Atlantic Boulevard

North Providence, RI  02911 



June 2017

Dear Friends, 


As you have noticed, we have experienced changes at “YOUR” Senior Center.  Many of these changes have been beyond our control.  Please be assured that our Board of Directors are committed to providing you with the finest level of programs and services that “YOU” deserve.  Our Senior Center will remain open and operating as of July 1st and we are in the process of identifying additional funding sources and partners to help us achieve our goals.

We will rely on volunteers more than ever in the upcoming months to assist with clerical duties, receptionist duties and checking-in diners at the nutrition site.  If you are available to assist us with any of these duties, please see Jen or Karen.  We are grateful for your support!

Summer has arrived and we hope you are enjoying the warm weather.  We invite you to visit the senior center to enjoy a friendly, air-conditioned environment during the summer months.

Our next Calendar Raffle fundraiser will begin on August 1st.  You can expect to receive tickets within the next couple of weeks.  If you have not received tickets in the mail, or wish to help us with this fundraiser, please stop by the Reception Desk and pick-up additional tickets.

Our Annual Picnic will be held on Friday, August 18th.  Tickets will be available at the Trip Desk beginning July 1st.  Lunch and refreshments will be served by our “guest servers” and entertainment will be provided by “Robert Black”!  Do not miss this fun-filled afternoon.  See inside for further details.

On this Independence Day, we celebrate our rights and freedom.  We are especially grateful for all the brave men and women in uniform who are still serving our country throughout the world. Please remember those who continue to serve and their families as you celebrate our nation’s independence.


Warmest Personal Regards,

Karen Testa Leone, Executive Director





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