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1976-2011 - Celebrating 35 years of Services & Programs to the Elders of the Community
1976-2016 – Celebrating 40 years of Services & Programs to the Elders of the Community

The Mission of the Salvatore Mancini Resource & Activity Center is to provide programs and services to Enhance, Enrich, & Educate the elders of our community; and to act as a community resource to elders and their families.


Salvatore Mancini Resource & Activity Center “State of Seniors” Luncheon on April 29th.


Thank you Governor Raimondo for visiting our Senior Center on April 29th.





Dear Friends,


It is with pleasure that we announce the addition of Albert Peterson to our Board of Directors.  Albert has more than 29 years of experience as a member of the North Providence Fire Department and spent the majority of those years as a member of the Rescue Division.  As a small business owner, Albert is well aware of the challenges and needs of the elders of our community.  We are happy to welcome Albert Peterson to the Board of Directors and look forward to his valuable contributions.

Transportation is one of the most important resources we offer to our members.  However, due to the recent $30,000.00 decrease in funding received through a grant from the Town of North Providence, our Board of Directors has been forced to institute changes to the transportation services provided to our members.  Effective July 1st, transportation services will no longer be provided on the days our bus driver, Laura, is out of the office.  We do not have the necessary funds to hire a per-diem bus driver on these days.  Councilwoman Kristen Catanzaro contacted our organization to express her concern when she learned of the change to transportation services.  Through her efforts, Councilwoman Catanzaro has identified a VOLUNTEER per-diem bus driver to provide transportation services to our members during July and August to ensure there is no interruption to our members! Thank you! Thank you!

Please support our “Summer Sizzler Finale” fundraiser on September 10th at 6:30 pm at Ciara Restaurant & Lounge.  All ticket proceeds will be donated to SMRAC to assist us with our fundraising efforts!  Discounted tickets are available for SMRAC members!  See the flyer insert for further details!

Also, our “Annual Sponsor Book” fundraiser is underway.  Booster ads and Memorial ads are available as well as business sponsorships.  A Memorial ad is the perfect way to memorialize a loved one and will help to support the Senior Center.  Forms are available at the Reception Desk.  This book will be distributed at all Senior Center fundraisers, special events and celebrations through December.  Please refer to the insert for further information.  My sincere thanks to everyone who attended the budget sessions held at North Providence Town Hall during recent months.  It has been an extremely challenging budget season, however, we are grateful to the Town Council members who voted to restore a portion of the proposed cut to our grant appropriation.

As always, our Board of Directors are committed to the success of our organization and the services we provide to enhance, enrich and educate the lives our members!  Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Warmest Personal Regards,

Karen Testa Leone, Executive Director


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